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All your UI/UX, frontend, backend and hybrid mobile needs, and more!

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24 years of experience and counting

Pixeldog is a small team of senior developers and UI/UX designers, ready to integrate into your project team.

Seriously senior

We do not use the word senior lightly. Our team members all have 20 years or more experience in their field. We are dedicated to classic standards and disciplines of the art of coding.

Far above average

Some developers may be cheaper, and recite the latest textbook more accurately. We wrote those textbooks. When you invest into us, you get actual tech leads, not merely cogs in the machine.


What are we doing?


Node.js, PHP, REST, GraphQL, databases and everything else that lives on the server.


From UI/UX to realization. Angular, Vue, React and all the bells and whistles.

Mobile apps

NativeScript, Cordova, Ionic, React Native and the others. I worked on multiple mobile projects.

Sugar and spice

Electron, SQL, NoSQL, templates, testing, REST, GraphQL, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud...


Recruiters, please refer to this section before contacting us!

  • Our team members have deep knowledge of most major frontend frameworks or backend technologies. Please specify what exactly you're looking for (ie. Node.js, React, Angular) for a more detailed answer.

    Even if we don't have years of hands-on experience with your technology, it usually doesn't mean we're clueless about it. Non-technical persons often make a mistake of assuming that switching to a new framework (for example, learning Svelte with React experience) is a tedious process that requires months, if not years. That's not how it works. Most technologies are similar, and they're merely different approaches to the same result. It rarely takes more than a few days for an experienced developer to familiarize themselves with one.

  • Yes, we have experience with such technologies, but please note that these are DevOps fields. Developers are working on a different, although partly overlapping field.

  • Please don't ask this question. This is as if you asked how many years of driving experience we have in a car of a specific make and color.

  • These are fundamental technologies behind the frameworks we use. We've been working with them since the first days of the Web.

  • All Pixeldog team members are seniors, therefore senior, tech lead and architectural engineer roles. Please note that a senior isn't merely an experienced mid-level developer.

  • No, we would not like to work as project managers, or anything not directly tech-related. We live to code.

  • Please submit details of the position or contract, and we're going to respond with the most appropriate member's resume. We do not publish personal information on this website or elsewhere.

  • We do not use LinkedIn, and you shouldn't either.

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30 N Gould Street, Sheridan WY 82801


+1 647 8233059

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